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Welcome To Amberglen
Retirement Village In Howick
Welcome To Amberglen
Retirement Village In Howick
Welcome To Amberglen
Retirement Village In Howick
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Whilst we have life - let’s live life to the full!

The No 1 Retirement Village In Howick

The Best place to retire...


Many Facilities

To Enjoy

Amberglen has numerous facilities available for active residents, including a community centre with a well stocked library and where various actives are help a swimming pool, a small gym, the Frail Care Centre also provides entertainment and gentler actives for the residents as well as first class medical care.

Country Living

Out In The Open

Residents can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, including fishing, walks around the village or by the dam where there is a bird hide to observe the large population of birds. A choice of varied walks around the village with many walking paths, playing croquet, sailing model yachts on the dam ect.

Young At Heart

Active Lifestyle

Amberglen allows you to remain active and involved in your latter years. There are many opportunities to be actively involved in various ways. Participation in village actives such as Quiz evenings, Film Shows, Signing Groups, Creative Writing, Art. Varied entertainment is also provided by listing Choirs, Professional Artists.

Retirement Village

Amberglen is a small town set in the beautiful KwaZulu Natal Midlands. It is affectionately known by its residents as “The Glen” and is a community of 430 cottages owned under Sectional Title. The Village is well managed, not so small that is cannot provide a variety of amenities and benefits. On the other hand It is not so large that it appears unfriendly and overwhelming.
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