One bedroom cottageAll the cottages at Amberglen are north facing to take advantage of the sun in winter. They have large windows and high ceilings. Most have been built in attached pairs, although some are freestanding. They have single or double garages attached. Compact, one-bedroom cottages have been built in blocks of four to six units. They stand in close proximity to the Care Centre, and there are carports available near by.

Amberglen’s lanes contain cottages of varying sizes. The smaller ones have a single bedroom, bathroom and a study. Larger ones have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room, a study and, sometimes, a sunroom. All cottages have open-plan sitting and dining rooms with fitted kitchens leading off. Doors from the sitting rooms lead to patios. Some owners have subsequently extended these by installing glass panels and folding doors. Permission from Trustees of the Body Corporate is required before any such construction is undertaken.

Bedroom, study and garageThe cottages are all single storey, so the floors are all on one level. Each has an enclosed area for drying laundry. External maintenance and window cleaning are the responsibility of the Estate Superintendent. Internal maintenance and decoration are the responsibility of the owner. Minor alterations indoors may be carried out, but if plumbing or electricity are likely to be affected, permission is required from the Trustees of the Body Corporate.

The Amberglen office can supply the names of local plumbers, electricians and builders. There are also residents in Amberglen who undertake small repairs.