Frail Care Centre

Amberglen Frail Care / End of Life and Terminal Illness Care

The Amberglen Frail Care Centre was established to accommodate those who can no longer cope with independent living. It maintains the highest standards of care. It is staffed by a Manager who has many years of experience in operating a care home for the elderly. The professional nurses and ward attendants are dedicated and compassionate towards the needs and comfort of the residents.  They dispense and control all prescribed medication.  Amberglen has adopted the Eden Alternative Philosophy of holistic care of residents. Please visit Eden Alternative South Africa and Geratec for more information.

Four levels of care are offered, depending on the needs of the residents. The Trustees of the Body Corporate determine the rate of charges for residence in the Care Centre. They are aware of the need to be competitive, while maintaining the essential standards of professional care.Non-residents of Amberglen Village are accepted into the Care Centre if rooms are available. However, owners and their spouses who are resident in the Village are given preference and are entitled to a lower rate.

The Care Centre is entirely self-contained. There is a reception area with an administrator’s office. Leading from this is a pleasant dining room and a lounge where soft seats are arranged for viewing television or listening to the piano.  Visiting hours are unrestricted and there is up-to-date communication with families. Exercise and heated pool swimming sessions are offered. Residents from the cottages are welcome to visit our Care Centre to interact and participate in the activities. Between the four bedroom wings are lawns and courtyard gardens for the benefit of our residents.

Care Centre residents who are less frail are encouraged to attend events organised by the Amberglen Social Club.  The hairdressing salon is close by for residents who wish to make use of this facility. There is access to a well-stocked library.

There are eleven bedrooms in each wing, providing a homely atmosphere. Two of the wings have en-suite rooms and have a sunny, enclosed patio overlooking the gardens.  Most of the rooms are for single occupancy, although some double rooms are available for couples. Each room has a call bell system  and a panel heater for winter comfort. Residents are encouraged to bring personal possessions and items of furniture to make them more homely. Rooms have provision for private telephones and televisions (DSTV). For short-term care, there are three respite rooms.  All services and meals are included in the rates.

Professional caterers serve nutritious and well-balanced meals. Menus are published daily. The food is prepared in Amberglen’s kitchen by a catering company that takes a special interest in specific dietary needs. The main meals are breakfast, lunch and supper. In between, the tea trolley with snacks makes its rounds. Ordering and delivery of personal requirements from the local pharmacy and supermarket can be arranged.

Doctors in Howick will call on ill residents when requested. Amberglen is contracted with a private ambulance service to convey any seriously ill patients to hospital.