Amberglen EntranceAmberglen Retirement Village is accessed from the Karkloof Road, a few minutes north of Howick town, through a gatehouse. There are separate entrances for residents and visitors. Security guards operate booms during the day and secure metal gates at night. Visitors and trades people complete the entrance register while the guards telephone the resident to ensure he or she is at home. Workers arriving on foot will go through a different entrance to hand in their identity cards.

The Village is protected by an electrified fence. This is patrolled at regular intervals by the security guards. They also check any cottages that may be unoccupied. Consequently, walking around during the day or night is secure and safe for residents.

Laggan Waters Bird HideThe first sight for a motorist is Amberglen’s trout and bass lake. It is known as “Laggan Waters” and is surrounded by lawns and trees. At its western end is a mound of indigenous woodland, called “The Knoll”. This has a hide where bird watchers may observe some of the 178 species that have been recorded at Amberglen. Wetland provides shelter for wild life. In 1998, the Avian Demography Unit of Cape Town University declared the whole of Amberglen, plus the top dam, a Protected Area for their “Birds in Reserves” Project.

Hills and farmland lie to the north. Laggan Drive passes the first row of cottages with their carefully tended private gardens. Residential lanes, each containing about a dozen cottages, radiate from the main circuit roads round the Village.

A slip road leads to the main centre of Amberglen. This comprises the Community Centre, the Reception and Administration offices, Care Centre, Clinic, Sanctuary, Swimming Pool and Hairdresser.

Community Centre

Amberglen has several open areas that break up the rows of cottages and provide some broader views. They provide space for walking between the cottages and the centre of the Village. A garden service mows the lawns and maintains trees and shrubs.

Properties at Amberglen are owned under Sectional Title. This means that owners of cottages are also “part owners” of the common property – roads, pool, buildings, gardens – that all residents use. Buyers receive Title Deeds, which are registered at the Deeds Office. When a cottage is sold, the seller retains all proceeds of the sale. No portion of the sale price is withheld. This is comprehensively explained in the Sectional Titles Act No 95 of 1986.

Although many families retain cottages as an investment, or for future use, they do become available for purchase from time to time. There are also rental opportunities. Sales and rentals are not dealt with at Amberglen. However, the Administration Office (see Contact Us) can supply the names of resident, professional property brokers.