Amberglen SanctuaryThe Sanctuary is an attractive and serene building at the east end of the Community Centre. Eight coloured glass windows with a non-religious theme were designed and installed by a local artist.

There are comfortable chairs for meditation groups, Bible study or for anyone seeking a period of quiet contemplation or discussion. Times are set aside for this. There is an electronic organ and a sound system.

The Sanctuary was planned and donated by a resident, the late Dr John Handley. His vision was that it would have no overt connection to any particular religious conviction, but should be acceptable to Amberglen residents of any faith, or none. Religious services of various dominations can be held in the Sanctuary. An informal Christian service is held every Sunday morning, attended by residents of the cottages and the Care Centre. Once a month, there is an Anglican service of Holy Communion.

Bereaved families are welcome to reserve the Sanctuary for memorial services. The building is also available for concerts, recitals and talks, when appropriate.